Our First Ever Artist Collaboration



Our first of many artist collaboration.

We are combining our shared passion for art and sustainability with friend and artist Vicky Steckel.

Born in Dominican Republic, Vicky Steckel is a multi-disciplinary self taught artist. She started her art career as a makeup artist learning and collaborating with top icons in the fashion industry. Vicky is represented by Trotta-Bono Contemporary and her work has been featured in several magazines and exhibited in a number of international art fairs. 


 Vicky individually hand painting every single face mask.


 Hand painted on 100% dead stock cotton muslin before they are sewn into face masks. 


Framed and hand-stitched with black thread and then hand painted all over with signature Vicky Steckel patterns - with a soft, washed out finish. Cut from 100% dead stock cotton muslin. The idea is to hang it up your wall or accessorize your wardrobe with it.